espresso cups,  coffee cups, handmade stoneware ceramic mugs

Very adorable and well made. Love it.

Jasmine Y.
Boston, USA

Love this fun and quirky sculpture. It's very different from anything I've seen before. Vibrant colours add the finishing touch.

Kim D.
West Hoxton, AUSTRALIA
Wonderful cup and highly recommended seller. Thank you ! ! !
Dimitris S.
Athens, GREECE

About Us

Bora Cetin

Store Owner

Unique Handcrafted Ceramics with Passion

London based small local ceramic studio designs and produces unique handcrafted ceramics with passion. Making our own character designs and objects for everyday use.''Doppiocotto '' as a brand name that means double cooked and linked with the production process of ceramics.

All the ceramics are just handcrafted without using any mold. This means each of them slightly different from each other and special for you.

Our products have been using all over the world. You can meet with them in some restaurants, local shops, coffee shops, galleries, craft markets, and some magazines.

You can see our various range of ceramics such as human sculptures, indoor plant pots, espresso coffee cup, tea or coffee cup, espresso cup and saucer, animal head figures, wedding cake topper figurines, ring cone holder, ceramic glazed necklace, ceramic earings. handmade ceramic gift. When you visit the shop you will see we have a product range for your occasions such as , birthday gifts, espresso lovers gift, foodie gift, housewarmings, weddings, engagements, special day, mothers day, fathers day, valentines day, Christmas gifts, boyfriend gift, girlfriend gift, best friend gift, baby shower ideas, office gifts, home decor ideas.

We hope you like the products,

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